Autumn term 2 homework challenges…

Autumn Term 2 Reception Homework

Can you collect 100 points by the end of half term? You will receive a special certificate if you do!

Bring your homework in to get boxes ticked off.

(The class teacher or TA will tick off and sign the homework challenges when they have been shared at school)


Create a picture of a firework display

50 points



Create a firework display safety poster

50 points

Make a model of rocket

50 points



Go on an autumn/winter walk and collect different objects.

What similarities and differences can you talk about?

50 points


Find out about some Christmas traditions from your family. Draw and label a picture about them.

50 points


Do some Christmas baking and measure out the different ingredients that you need. Take some pictures and bring them in to show us.

50 points



A busy few weeks…

What a busy few weeks we have had in the Kroenek class.

We have been learning about sequencing our daily routines as part of our learning about time in Maths.

In phonics we have been learning lots of new sounds, some high frequency ‘red’ words and we have been beginning to segment the sounds we hear in words for writing.

In PE we have been learning to move isolated body parts and understanding how we can link movements together at different levels.

It’s nearly time for us to move on to the next homework challenges, so if you have any homework from this term still to bring in, please bring it in by Friday of this week.

Welcome back!

Welcome to all of our new reception class pupils…what a busy and exciting week we have had in the reception class this week.

We have been learning all about our new routines and finding out where things are in our classroom and the main school building.

PE: We will be doing PE 4 times a week and trying to change most days so please make sure your PE kit is at school everyday.

Library: We will be going to the library on a Wednesday and changing our library books once a week. Please share them at home as much as you like and then return each Wednesday for our visit to the library, where you will be able to choose a new one.

Reading books: These have been sent home so you can start reading every night and gathering your reads towards the reading karate belts. We will gift any missed ones from this week because of our staggered start, which was different to the rest of the school.

Homework: This is for the whole half term. Please complete 2 challenges to gain 100 points and receive your certificate.

Autumn Term 1 Reception Homework

Can you collect 100 points by the end of half term? You will receive a special certificate if you do! Bring your homework in to get boxes ticked off.

(The class teacher or TA will tick off and sign the homework challenges when they have been shared at school)

Draw a picture of your house and colour it in

50 points

Use scissors to cut out different sized pieces of coloured paper to make a collage of a house

50 points

Make a model of a house.

50 points

Draw a picture of you family and write your name on it (add your families names too if you can)

50 points

Go for a walk where you live and take some pictures of the different types of houses you see and bring the photographs in to show us at school

50 points

Find 3 different sized sticks and put them in order

(take a photograph to share with us)

50 points


Thank you!

The EYFS team would like to thank all of the parents who attended the EYFS transition meeting for nursery parents on Tuesday after school. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Miss Taylor.

A bear called Soggy!

This week we have started learning our new story about a bear called  ‘Soggy’. Adapted from ‘Soggy the Bear’ by Philip Moran and Michael Foreman. See if you can read it at home with us and let us show you our new actions!

Soggy the Bear

Down at the Bamaluz beach, a little bear got left guarding a sandcastle.

He waited patiently; as he felt sure his owner would return.

Looking about him, he saw small boats riding gently on the waves. ‘This is the life, I am king of my very own castle’ he thought.

As the sun passed over his head, time had gone by and he was still alone. The tide rose higher and higher.

Suddenly as a huge wave hit, the castle collapsed beneath him and he tumbled into the tide.

The little bear was not frightened as he watched the seagulls gliding gracefully by.  As the water got very deep he began to be afraid.

Blue and silver fish darted delicately beneath him as he got swept further out to sea. He began to feel very heavy because the water was soaking into him.

He could no longer keep his face above water; looking through the shimmering shoal of fish he saw a sinister shipwreck.

At last he heard a beating sound and waved as a fishing boat begin to chug past. Luckily Jack and his Grandfather saw the little bear.

They hooked him out of the water and finally he was safe.

‘You are a very lucky bear’, said Jack, as he squeezed the water out of him. ‘I shall call you Soggy’ Jack said as they landed the boat back to shore.

A lobster came to visit!

We are getting excited about the end of the half term and we are already thinking bout what we will be learning next!

We had a visit from the lobster hatchery yesterday, which was fascinating. We got to see lobsters as babies and saw how they change as they grow. We were lucky enough to hold lobster shells…did you know that lobsters shed their shells? We didn’t know that until yesterday!

Our favourite bit was pretending to be a lobster and using our claws to catch and cut up food.