Class story…


One dark and stormy night, Percy the park keeper found that he just could not sleep.

Outside his hut a great storm was raging, with thunder and lightning and pouring rain.

Percy wasn’t frightened by the thunder and he loved to watch the lightning flashing in the sky, but he did not like the wind.

It blew down fences and branches from the trees. He knew he would have a lot of work to do tomorrow!

The next day Percy set off to inspect the damage. A huge Oak tree had been blown over by the storm.

Percy was devastated. It was one of his favourite trees and many of his animal friends lived there.

Their homes had been destroyed. Soon Percy found the animals, the rabbits, squirrels and mice were particularly upset. “Don’t worry” said Percy, “with hard work we can fix this”.

Percy showed them what to do. The badger helped to saw and the squirrels knocked in nails.

The fox drilled holes and the rabbits screwed in screws. Before long their homes were as good as new.

Thank goodness for Percy the park keeper.


Spring term 2 homework…

Spring Term 2 Reception Homework

Can you collect 100 points by the end of half term? You will receive a special certificate if you do!

Bring your homework in to get boxes ticked off.

(The class teacher or TA will tick off and sign the homework challenges when they have been shared at school)

Parents please encourage your child to do their homework as independently as possible.

Sort out your rubbish at home into things that can be

recycled and things which cannot. Take a picture to share with us.

50 points


Draw a picture of recycling superhero of your own. Label his super powers and/or write a sentence about what he does.

50 points

Go on a shape hunt looking for 3D shapes at home and in the garden. Take photos of the 3D shapes you find and see if you can name them correctly.

50 points


Make a model of a superhero out of recycled materials.

50 points


Find out about where and how you can recycle the waste (boxes, bottles etc) from your home. Write about or make a list of where you can take them to be recycled.

50 points

Write some instructions about how to recycle.

 50 points


Number bonds to 10…

We have been learning about making the number 10.

We know that there are different ways of splitting 10 into 2 groups.

We can talk about addition number sentences when we put the 2 groups back together and make 10.

We have been using this song to practise our number bonds to 10.

Class story…

The Jolly Postman

Once upon a bicycle, so they say, a jolly postman came one day. From over the hills and far away…..

With a letter for the three bears.

He handed it over with a wink, knowing that he would be offered a drink.

So the bears read the letter and the postman drank his tea. What happened next, we’ll very soon see.

Off went the postman, toodle-o! In his uniform of postal blue.

To a house with a large front door and enormous bell too!

With a postcard for….guess who?

He handed it over with a wink, knowing that he would be offered a drink.

So the giant read the postcard with a baby on his knee. And the postman wet his whistle with a thimble full of tea.

Once more on his bicycle the postman rode… to a beautiful palace, so we’ve been told, where nightingales sang and a sign said ‘SOLD’. With a letter for Cinderella.

He handed it over with a wink, knowing that he would be offered a drink.

So Cinders read her little book. The postman drank champagne. Then wobbled off of his round again, and again and again.

Once upon a bicycle, so they say. A jolly postman came one day. From over the hills and far away…. And went home in the evening for tea!

The end.

Welcome back…

We have been busy in the reception class sharing stories from our Christmas holidays and thinking about who we should be thanking for all of our lovely gifts.

Learning our new class story of the Jolly Postman has inspired us to begin writing thank you cards and letters.

Christmas fun…

We have had a wonderful and exciting half term full of Christmas cheer.

Thank you to all the families who have supported the children in getting ready for the Christmas nativity Performance, I think you’ll all agree that they were fantastic and so brave for standing up on the stage in front of everyone!

The children have been busy writing lists and letters to Father Christmas and we are so excited to see how their writing is progressing.